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Restoring authenticity to Italian food from the ground up is the mission that drives us. Adriano's is the realization of a dream.

Since 2017, At Your Service

Adriano's Pizza & Pasta Bar is the Lieghio's family dream of bringing the authentic homemade Roman Pizza Tonda and pasta to Ireland.

The Lieghio family has been in the restaurant business for the past 40 years throughout Ireland. We are now delighted to be establishing a new pizza and pasta bar in Ennis.

The Roman Pizza Tonda is a classic Roman round pizza. Made exactly as in Rome. We only use authentic Italian ingredients including our own specially imported flour and we cook our pizza in a wood fire oven hand built by “MAM FORNI”.

Our pizza chefs known as “PIZZAIOLI” are trained and certified by the prestigious API (Associazione Pizzerie Italiane) pizza school in Rome. As you know Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was our pizza.

All of our pizza dough is left to rise very slowly at a controlled temperature for 72 hrs to ensure it is light, crispy and packed with flavour. This ensures you can enjoy your pizza just as the Romans do.

We hope to bring a slice of Italy to Ennis so you can experience "la dolce vita".

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